Cyprinal Spreading Murmurs

I am you but outside of you and here right here in front of you.

You say this is all so very new to you   Do I admit my newness? I wonder how caressing and touching and loving can be new

I am a woman and that seems reason enough            are you that I?

Foreign to yourself?

My parts are different from the ones your use to different from the ones you know I’m more difficult

more difficult to please, to get to know

with all our many zones

They were mono

and all simply the same I still remember how simple it all use to be

now how simple and singular

I am here

vexed and frustrated         and still right here in front of you

knowing that you do not know

it would be so easy if we had time, those days and days to figure it all out   waiting

and would it really be easy                 I wonder at easiness

I wonder

if I have ever wanted it maybe just once, now

our bodies are the same multiple and many zoned multiply and easiness might be nice in my wanting yes easiness might be nice

just this once

in this hereness.


(© 1999 published in OutWrite and Poetry in Performance #27)