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My sessions with Lesley have had lasting impacts on the way I live my life. The tools she’s equipped me with, are things I’ve taken with me into new bold, and daring ventures, relationships, and opportunities to expand my consciousness and fulfillment in the world. I have learned to accept pleasure and reward into my life with open arms, and in return allowed those I love most dear to experience the joy of giving love to others.


Client, Vancouver, BC

I am so proud to be in a process of discovery with Dr. Lesley Graydon. That is truly what it is like to interact, work, play or discuss with her – a process of discovery and realization in which you contribute as much as you are contributed to and which, on both sides, produces empowering actions and results. Growing pains balanced with uncontrollable giggles, with Lesley I get to be divinely imperfect and 100% my totally human self before pressing on and breaking through to even richer spiritual possibilities. Be prepared, though, to be fully engaged. You don’t get to slack off if you’re in process with Lesley. You will confront and move through … NOW!  All the more reason to be around her.

D. Scott Humphries

Colleague, Bangkok, Thailand

Through Lesley’s coaching I was able to see myself and my life in a way that gave me courage. One of the areas I had a new result in was that I quit smoking for good. She also wrote my artist biography, which I pridefully display with my paintings and at all my exhibitions. Lesley is intuitive and insightful.


Client, Vancouver, BC