thI am a writer, educator, consultant & coach in the realms of transformative conversations, thinking & living.  

I obtained my Ph.D. in English and Philosophy and my Master’s in Philosophy from The Graduate and University Center of The City University of New York in 2013.  I have the honour of receiving the first interdisciplinary concentration in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies at the Ph.D. level in the United States.  My BA, Honour’s degree in English, is from Simon Fraser University in BC.  In addition, I have consistently participated in various trainings, leadership, and professional development and have a number of certifications.

I have published literary articles, a poetry, prose, academic theory, and literary reviews as well as edited books, websites, magazines, and journals and other print/media.  I teach Literature, Writing, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Interdisciplinary/ Cultural Studies, and Sexuality Studies. I coordinate, facilitate, and speak at workshops, groups, panels, events, and conferences.  I have a therapy and coaching practice wherein I work with individuals and groups.  I also consult and work on projects that inspire and/or elevate in progressive, creative ways.

Much of my specialty work focuses on topics related to women, gender, sexuality, desire, roles, and identity.    My approach is to facilitate authentic and deep conversations that have an impactful learning and thus expand, enliven & empower those I work with.  In all aspects of my work, I facilitate increased knowledge, self-awareness, and self-expression.  Through knowledge, critically thinking, and personal growth, our connection, contribution, and fulfillment (with ourselves, others, and the world) is fully known and experienced.  My life work is to be in service to people’s transformation: to bring forth greater depths of discovery, clarity, authenticity, love, power, and freedom is my mission.